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ok, here we go

this is the finished first draft of the previoudly posted story, as i promised aquandrian earlier today...i left out a bit, because i can't write it right now, and i'm already hugely over the word limit, which means some of the flowery stuff is going to have to go. but yes, it has a definate beginning, middle and end to the plot now, which makes me ridiculously happy. comments are so appreciated it's just not funny...

disclaimer: i don't own julian casablancas, courtney taylor-taylor, the mess hall boy who is mentioned or any of the other strokes. i do, however, lay a claim on any other characters (addie, tabitha, myself ;)), which are mine. but none of this ever happened, and never will.

having covered my ass...

have a story: the fireworks affair, completed first draft in all its glory (link doesn't work no more, lolz. that version was crap anyway, don't sweat it too much.)
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